The Academy Award-Winning Return of the Kvetch

I can’t believe ROTK won all those Oscars! Ok, I’ll modify that: I can’t believe it won Best Picture. Like I said before, it wasn’t even a whole movie!

“And the winner for best picture 1939 is….the first three reels of Gone With the Wind!”

Seems pretty insane when you put it that way, doesn’t it?

I understand that the film industry wanted to reward Peter Jackson for making them all that money. And given what a massive, many-year undertaking LOTR was, I believe the man does deserve some kind of award just for managing the logistics, and seeing it all through. Fine, that’s what Best Director was for. I have no problems with that. But..well, let’s go through the list of what it won:

Best Editing: HAHAHA!! Whoever edited this thing was on CRACK! I refer you to my previous ROTK reviews for more details.

Best Art Direction: Ok. THIS it deserved. All three movies deserved this, in spades. Sometimes the only thing that got me through all these movies was the fact that at least they LOOKED like Tolkien’s world.

Best Adapted Screenplay: *snork* Yeah, all those dwarf-tossing jokes were SO true to the source material!

And then all the Makeup/Costume/Effects Awards: Ok, no problem with those, and they don’t really matter anyway.

Although they did pass over one thing: I think Sean Astin should have gotten a nom for Best Supporting. I don’t think he should have WON, but he shoulda got a nomination. :)

Frankly, I don’t think 2003 HAD a Best Picture. ROTK sure as heck wasn’t it. Some years they should just cancel the Oscars due to lack of worthy films. That would be so cool.

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