I just found out that yesterday was my boy Donal Logue’s birthday! Ooops! And here I didn’t send a card or anything. What kinda lame ass stalker am I?
Well, Happy 38th anyway, babe.

And now for some words from the man himself:

“So this is where I’d put links to other cool sites about me. But guess what? There are no other cool sites about me.

Shame on you people.

You call yourself fans? Didn’t you see me on I Love The 80s Strikes Back? I FLASHED MY NIPPLES! I deserve better.

You can suck it!”

Ain’t he sweet?

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  1. LOUP Says:

    I just caught “The Grave”, well TiVo caught it.
    It is a little more than twisted but you may dig it …your boy is in it. Along with a slew of other juicys.

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