No Exit

Still not one single nibble as far as anyone wanting to buy our house goes. Two sets of people came to our open house yesterday, but they all had chilllldrunnnnnnn and didn’t like the schooollllll disssstriiiiict. Uh…hey loser, why don’t you find out what district a house is in BEFORE you go look at it?
So I reiterate my plea for aid: if you know ANYbody who needs a house, please tell them about mine! Even if they don’t really need one, who cares, tell them anyway. Get out there and sell, people!

Anyway, obviously I am back from D.C. I’ve vowed to never go to another library conference again. Or rather, I may go for the free trip, but I will never again actually attend the conference.

While I was away, I totally passed up both Joan Crawford and Gary Oldman’s birthdays. :( So sorry, it won’t happen again. Belated worship to you both.

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