Notes from the Reichstadt

Well here I am, still in D.C. Can’t say I’ve been having the best time. Seems like I’m never going to be able to come to D.C. and do any good tourist stuff…like go to the Zoo or the Smithsonian.

Conference is stupid, no suprise there. Today I attended a good lecture on Wikis, though. I can’t believe how many people come to these sorts of work-related events and take them so SERIOUSLY, though. They sit there, and take notes, and grab up all the pamphlets, and they talk about nothing but work stuff…I just sit there thinking “WTF is wrong with you freaks?”

The wiki thing was all I was interested in today, so I blew off the afternoon so I could at least treak to LUSH for supplies. Some notes on my day:

  • If you are ever in the Dupont Circle area, be sure to go eat at Zorba’s on Connecticut Ave. It’s a cafeteria-style Greek place. You pick up a tray, place your order, and stand there while they prepare it (and watch them cooking up gyros in the background *sigh*), and take it to your table. OMFG, it was so incredible!!
  • LUSH has cute bunny-rabbit shaped soaps for spring! Aww.
  • Loupy, I found a place with your name all over it. On M St., there exists “Bread & Chocolate: A European Style Bakery.”
  • Marci, I demand that you make a road-trip to D.C. at your earliest convenience because the MAC store in Georgetown has a
    Glam Rock!
    British Guy!

    working at it. Holy Hell! Trust me when I say that I do not exaggerate the hotness. And…depite the fact that he was British and Glam Rock he had good teeth and muscles. Musta been a mutant, but whogivesacrap?
  • Irony watch: shirts that say “Die Hipster Scum” for sale at Urban Outfitters.
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    1. Lorz Says:

      Sounds like you’re having a great time! Love the Urban Outfitters irony.

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