Annnd…I’m Off

Well all, tomorrow I have to leave at 0-dark-30 am to catch a train to Washington D.C., where I’ll spend 4 days at the annual “Computers in Libraries” conference. *eye roll* Whatever. The only reason I’m doing this at all is so that I can finally get some reimbursement from work towards the money I paid out for the London conference that I didn’t go to back in October.

The good part is that I’ll be staying in the gay neighborhood, at a very nice inn, and there should be plenty of good stores and eatin’ for when I feel like blowing off the conference. And I’ll be right near the movie theater where I first saw BBM, and they’re still showing it. :)

I should have internet access, so maybe I’ll post from there if anything noteworthy happens.
Ta for now.

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  1. LOUP Says:

    Be safe … take in a big sniff at LUSH for me please.

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