The Truth is Out

A while ago over at Kirk’s page, I learned about the “Implicit Association Tests” available on Harvard’s website, here:

These tests are supposed to measure if you have any deep-seated, subconscious preference/predjudice/predispositions for or against certain things. They give you a number of tests you can take, and since I love this sort of thing, I took five. The results were stunningly predictable! :)

1. Your data suggest a moderate automatic preference for Young compared to Old.

2. Your data suggest a strong automatic preference for Gay People compared to Straight People.

3. Your data suggest a moderate association of Male with Career and Female with Family compared to Female with Career and Male with Family.

4. Your data suggest little to no automatic preference between Judaism and Other Religions.

5. Your data suggest a strong automatic preference for John F. Kennedy compared to George W. Bush.

Results interpreted by me:
1. Yes, as long as that’s “young people” as in “younger than old, but older than kids.” If the test had made me choose between old people and kids, either the computer or my head would have exploded, since I hate both groups so much.


3. It’s only a moderate association, so I don’t think women ought to be stuck with the sprog-rearing, but I guess that subliminally I believe that most women are so stupid that they want to be.

4. This would have been the same comparing any religion against any other. They are all freaking stupid and evil, so I have no preference.

5. Um. Duh?

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