Bourbon n’ Branch


Nobody but me gives a damn, but whooo-hooo, Season 4 of Dallas is out on DVD!
Of course, I put it right up at the top of my Netflix queue soon as I found out. I love me my Ewings!

Season four is an action-packed season of discovery. I’ve only watched 9 episodes so far, and already we’ve learned that Ray Krebbs is actually Jock’s son! Pam and Cliff’s mother isn’t really dead! And of course, the big one, Who Shot J.R.! (I’m not tellin’.)

2 Responses to “Bourbon n’ Branch”

  1. hapnor Says:

    I bite my thumb at thee, I’ve got the theme song in my head….it’ll be there for months….

  2. tarsier Says:

    It’s even better if you sing it with the “lyrics” I learned from watching ‘King of the Hill.’

    J.R., J.R., now he’s a real bad guy
    He lives on a ranch with his mommmmmm….

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