Fear This


*psst* Let me let you in on a secret…

You all know what a Miami Vice fangirl I am. But my favorite character from the series is not that super-hottie Crockett. It’s not Tubbs, even though he’s so cheesily awful he’s great. It’s not even the Ferrari Daytona Spider from the first two seasons.

It’s Miami Vice Lieutenant Martin Castillo, as played by Edward James Olmos, whose birthday is today!

Castillo is, in two words, The Shit. He’s hispanic, and yet he’s a ninja. He has a shadowy past with the CIA. He has an Asian ex-wife who he thought was dead. He spent long years working undercover in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. As a result he knows everything there is to know about the Yakuza and the Triad. He has a Shinto altar in his house, killed some guys using a katana in a few episodes, and never EVER wears anything but a undertaker-black suit and skinny black tie. He never smiles. He has dark secrets. He speaks in 4-word sentences. You do NOT fuck with this man. In the sun-drenched pastel and neon world of Vice, he is the black void at it’s heart. The grim reaper visits the sunbelt. He’s like the Col. Kurtz of Miami.

But of course, he’s not evil. He’s a good, dutiful cop and he stands by the people in his department.

Naturally, this all sounds totally ridiculous on paper. And it is. But it works on the show. And for that we have to credit Edward James Olmos. He plays Castillo so straight, so grim, so deadpan, that you BELIEVE there is such a thing as a Hispanic Ninja Vice Lieutenant! I love the guy! For his birthday, go buy or rent some Vice dvds, and let Edward James Olmos make a believer out of YOU!

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