Orgasm in a Jar

Mexican food Chef Rick Bayless is my favorite “celebrity chef.” I’ve never seen his show, but his food kicks ass. I LOVE the whole line of Frontera mexican product goodness! (And I even have his Mexican Everyday cookbook on my Amazon Wishlist. *ahem*)

Anyway, the Frontera line is all awesome. There’s nothing you can buy from it that isn’t great. But I had a chance to try their new lineup of Salpica Salsas lately, and that is what I am here to rave about today.

OMfreakinG, this stuff is amazing! The previous Frontera salsas were designed more for use in cooking, but the Salpica salsas are your more traditional chip-dipping salsas. Thanks to a BOGO sale at local grocery monopoly a few weeks ago, I was able to try almost all the flavors. Verdict: KICK ASS. I really don’t know if I could pick a favorite, but if I had to, I’d say the Green Olive Cilantro (because I loooooove tomatillos. and cilantro. and green olives.), the Salsa Con Queso (because I have a Beavis-like fondness for nachos. But this cheese sauce is amazingly NOT that bad for you, fat-wise! Bonus points!!), and the Garlic Chipotle (garlic. chipotle. Do I have to explain that?)

See, I couldn’t really pick a favorite. Anyway, I’ve tried a bunch of salsas in my day, but I really think these are the best I’ve ever had. The only ones I didn’t get to try were the Mango and the Habenero. Looking at their site, I see they also have limited edition seasonal ones, and that breaks my heart because I just know we’ll never get them around here. :(

So, if you are a condiment junkie like me, or if you just love Mexican food, you NEED to buy some Salpica salsa. Once you’ve had it, you will not go back to that f’in lame Ortega/etc. stuff, even if it does break your bank account. Look for it wherever high-quality foods are sold!

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  1. hapnor Says:

    I’ve been trying to find a good Salsa Verde recipe, as I loooooove tomatillos as well.

  2. kta Says:

    Is this like “light a cigarette when you’re done” good!?! :-D

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