Who’s Your Daddy?

Hugh B

It’s that time again, time when we give mad birthday props to Mr. Hugh Beaumont!

This man is so cool, he was featured on an episode of MST3K as one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse!

You know him as the Wardster, and sure, who wouldn’t want Hugh as their idealized tv husband or father? He earned a comfortable living for his family, but never at the expense of spending time with them. He wasn’t a workaholic or career-driven. He fixed things up around the house, and never left a mess. He was a good conversationalist, always knew the right things to say. And he had a wry, sly sense of humor that made you think even though he was the epitome of 50′s conformity, he had a sneaking desire to Stick It To The Man.

And beyond Ward, we mustn’t forget all the awesome 1950′s B-movies Hugh appeared in. Sometimes, he had to star along with John Agar. And Agar would get top billing, can you believe that shit?! But Hugh remained affable. He was a real trooper, and imbued all his roles with his innate likeability. In all of those sci-fi flicks with Agar, you’ll spend the whole movie wishing for Agar’s untimely (and hopefully painful) demise at the hands of the aliens…but Hugh…you’ll hope he makes it out ok.

So here’s to Hugh, one of my favorite 1950′s icons! You rock, sir.

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