..I wish that I was like Whistler or Kirkkitsch and carried a digital camera around everyplace I go.

Then I would have a picture to prove to you what I saw flashing by on the electronic billboard outside of the Monroeville Maul.


I’m so not making that up.

5 Responses to “Sometimes…sometimes…”

  1. kta Says:

    That would have been a good pic! I’m never without my camera, there are so many funny things to take pictures of in any given day! :-)

  2. hapnor Says:

    I suck as well, I have a digital camera, but it is more for shots that are painstakingly rehearsed and posed and it has a huuuuuge lens that is a pain in the rectum to carry around. I stupidly bought it because I thought I was Alfred Stieglitz or something. Its obvious I’m not…

  3. whistler Says:

    Hells Yeah!

    It’s worth carrying it around. So many possibilities. Even a phone with a good camera is worth it! We have a guy around here that has a tent selling Steelers SB stuff. If you drove, I bet you’d would have tried to run him over.

  4. kirkkitsch Says:

    That sounds craptastic!! I’ll take 2!

  5. serhaex Says:

    Wait to you see some of my photos I took in Vegas. Very interesting.

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