Barnes & Ignoble

I used to love bookstores, but anymore I just dread setting foot into one. I just know that I will come out frustrated and disappointed. Is it just me, or do they simply NOT stock ANYTHING that ANYONE, let alone me, would want to read? I can’t count the times over the past 2 or 3 years I’ve walked into a bookstore, money in hand, to purchase a specific book, only to leave empty-handed. They never, ever have the books I want! What gives?

And then they give you the old, “we can order it for you.”

Oh yeah. Why should I let YOU order it for me when I’ll have to wait 5 days AND pay full price, when I can order it online myself, still wait 5 days, and pay 20% less? Please. The only reason to go to a store in the first place is because I want the book -right now.- Remember the satisfaction of going to a store and purchasing a crisp, shiny new book, and taking it home and reading it right away?

Neither do I!!

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  1. hapnor Says:

    (this description is especially for the B&N at the AquaFaçade, the name I gave to the waterfront).
    I sympathize with your sentiment; I can’t find anything I want there either, especially ‘puter related books (I like to read ‘em in the store to see if they are worth buying off Amazon. Sometimes if I even find a book that I must have now, it looks like it is a used book. They won’t even take any $$$ off it, even if it is the last one- they just give me, if you don’t want this one, we can order another for you blah blah- fuckers

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