Oscar + Ennis + Jack = TLA

Well, well, well! The Oscar noms were announced on Tuesday, and it looks like a big sweep for BBM! It was nominated in every major category that it deserved. Even Michelle Williams got a nom which I think is great. Congrats to Ang and the Boys! I hope you kick some Spielbergian ass come March 5.

This is the first time in my living memory when I have
1. Seen most of the nominated flicks.
2. LIKED them.
3. Felt they deserved their nominations!

The only quibbles I have are these:

Spielberg. WTF? Munich racks up few nominations and hardly any other major awards, yet somehow gets nominated for the two most prestigious awards of the night (Director and Picture) ?? Uh-huh. Can we say “bribery” boys and girls? I knew that you could.

Capote. Now, I looovvved Capote. Became obsessed with it. Gonna buy it when it comes out. But it doesn’t deserve a Best Picture nom. Not compared to the other deserving movies out this year.

Instead of Capote, they needed to nominate…

History of Violence. This great, great movie was largely snubbed. (Tho William Hurt got a Supporting nomination, which rawks.) Why? When is the Academy gonna stop being afraid of David Cronenberg? Yes, the guy is a freak, but he’s also one of the most imaginitive filmmakers alive. Oh wait…I forgot…this is the same Academy that handed out awards to Forrest Gump and Gladiator. They hate imagination. Sorry for the memory lapse.

Despite these glaring omissions, I think Oscar night will be something to look forward to this year. Between the good movies and Jon Stewart as host, I may not want to commit suicide into the 3rd hour!

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  1. Haley Says:

    Someone stab me in the face, I have’t seen BBM yet.

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