Well Wishes

After 20+ years of working for the Hometown Hellhole School District, my mother has retired. Saturday, we’re hosting a retirement party for her. I think there will be about 20 people coming, so I’m a little freaked. The most people I’ve ever had in my home at one time before is 6, and that includes me and BW!

So, if anyone wants to send virtual retirement vibes, feel free. I’d invite you all to drop in, but there’s gonna be several of my relatives there, and only the truly brave should be subjected to that.

Before I sign off for the weekend, I have a Fangirl/boy Alert to issue!
Heath, Jake, and others from the cast of BBM are gonna be on Oprah today. Program your TiVos accordingly. I hope Oprah isn’t too terribly annoying to the poor guys.

5 Responses to “Well Wishes”

  1. Haley Says:

    *sending good virtual retirement vibes* Oooooh I gotta get home and watch Harpo!

  2. kta Says:

    Happy retirement to your mom! :-)

  3. serhaex Says:

    Everything should go fine. Should be a great little get-together.

  4. Wendy Says:

    Congrats to your mom for sticking with one job for 20 years. The party be wonderful! I am sending positive vibes your way!

  5. whistler Says:

    It was a great time. Thanks for being the hostess with the mostess! I hope that my kitty nephews weren’t too traumatized by the Mo-meister!

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