It’s good fer ya!

For once I’m going to rave about a food product that is healthy!

Stacy’s Brand Soy Crisps are the freaking addictive and nutritious alternative to potato chips. No, I’m serious! They’re awesome! I like the White Cheddar flavor, but the BBQ is also good. Each serving has hardly any fat, and is full of soy protein….

and yet….

they taste so good, and have a very satifying crunchiness. You guys probably think I’m insane, but I dare you to try them. I think you’ll be surprised. They sell them in Mega-lo-Sized bags at Costco.

The same company also makes very, very good Pita Chips…the Texarkana Hot flavor rawks.

2 Responses to “It’s good fer ya!”

  1. kta Says:

    I’ve dabbled in the soy products before…they sound interesting. May have to give them a try! :-)

  2. Marci Says:

    *nods enthusiastically*

    They are SO good! The first bag I bought disappeared in maybe three days…I have since learned moderation.

    Well, kind of.

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