Atticus! Atticus! ATTICUS!!

I know that’s not what Pacino was chanting in Dog Day Afternoon, but well, maybe he SHOULD have been!

Anyhoo, a couple months ago I was hugely dismayed to learn that there was no fanlisting for Atticus Finch. There had been, but the slacker site owner had allowed it to die out! Oh the humanity! I could not allow this injustice to stand, so I took it upon myself to make one.

May I present, Stand Up: The Approved Fanlisting for Atticus Finch

Please go and join if you love Atticus, honor, nobility, wisdom, truth, justice, equality, and righteousness!
And for heaven’s sake…stand up, Atticus is passin’! :)


Meanwhile, I know nobody looks at these because you have to scroll and scroll waaayyyyy down the page to even see them, but I’ve been busy finding new fanlistings to join! Here’s the latest crop

Orson & Greg can be found over in the Hotties links. :)

Bauhaus, Don Vito Corleone, Bela Lugosi, Donald Sutherland, Han Solo

Jon Snow, The Stark Family (Both from “A Song of Ice and Fire” fantasy novel series.)

Truman Capote, Brokeback Mountain, Franz Kafka

2 Responses to “Atticus! Atticus! ATTICUS!!”

  1. Haley Says:

    This may be a cardinal sin (what does that mean anyway?, I mean why is it called cardinal?), but I’ve read TKAMB, but {don’t tell cheryl}

    I’ve never seen the movie sshhhh! :-o

    Would it be permissable to join Atticus, if I’ve only read the book?

  2. Wendy Says:

    Oh my, you have never seen the movie? I say we need to hold a special viewing! Gregory Peck at his finest!

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