Not Bad at All!

BBM swept the Golden Globes! (Except for Heath, but that’s ok because PSH deserved it more.) Pretty freakin awesome. I have to say that of all the directors, I get the impression that not only did Ang Lee make the best movie, but he’s also the nicest guy. He seems like such a sweetheart!

Alas, in the TV categories, Team Sutherland got shut out. :( But one of The Donald’s losses was to JRM for ‘Elvis’, so I can’t complain! I was completely surprised by that one. JRM seemed really nervous, and had one of the night’s shortest speeches, so good for you J. Also, in her acceptance speech, Geena Davis quipped that she is “totally in love with” Donald Sutherland. So that’s gotta be a bit of a consolation prize for The Man. :)

Now to the catty bits.

Most of the women looked really bad this year. I think they’ve all been taking the bad advice of fashion magazines. Ladies, you know the ones…the magazines that are always nagging us to not wear too much makeup, to use “natural, neutral” shades, that say “less is more.” TOTAL b.s.!! Less makeup may be more for a day at the office, or a trip to the mall, but when you are in a glamorous slinky gown, $600,000 worth of jewelry, and are on camera, less is LESS. Almost all the women had glam dresses and jewels, with “Little House on the Praire” faces. Stupid looking. Worse than stupid, it looks unfinished…like they were running late and just didn’t have time to put on some lipstick.
Don’t be afraid of COLOR, people! It wont’ hurt you! I’m not saying go out looking liike Tammy Faye, but balance your makeup with your outfit. Don’t wear PTA meeting makeup to the Oscars, and vice-versa.

For a clue, take a look at Geena Davis, who was really the only chick who got things 100% right.

2 Responses to “Not Bad at All!”

  1. whistler Says:

    I *heart* Geena Davis. Swooooon!

  2. Haley Says:

    You are absolutely right about the “natural” make-up. I hate that dewey-looks- like- I’ve- been -in -the- hospital- for- a- month- look. It makes people look washed out.

    Gina Davis is so hot!!! She is definitely one of my fave actresses, but I think her T.V. show is left to be desired. But its good that she won. Also I am sooo excited that NONE of the desperate house skanks won for actress.

    And my man Hugh Laurie won for what I think is the best series on TV at the moment, House, M.D. House is so awesome, Hugh plays this cynical misanthopic doctor which is exactly how I percieve myself, because like him I am a total egomaniac :D

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