BBM Round 2

So I thought I’d be all cool and subversive and take a big group of people out to see BBM during the Steeltards game yesterday. Well, it ended up being only three of us…me, Boy Wonder, and Marci…heh. Ah well. But I was cheered to see that we weren’t the only subversives out and about. Despite (or perhaps because of) the playoff game, the 1:00pm show of BBM was JAM-PACKED! It was such a heartening sight. :) Besides us, there was I think every gay person in Pittsburgh, a smattering of old people, and quite a few ‘football widows.’ And this was in one of the big-sized theaters that holds a couple hundred humans.

Everyone was extremely quiet and respectful, not as noisy as the Washington D.C. bunch, and so I got to really pay closer attention to the movie. My conclusion is that it’s even better on a second viewing…so many delicate nuances and subtle things to notice! Ang Lee really is a genius. So, for those of you who haven’t even seen it ONCE yet, consider this your stern lecture. I WILL nag you until you go!

Then Sunday night I accidentally had a great night of TV viewing. I was flipping channels, and stumbled across an episode of ‘Nature’ on PBS featuring Ewan McGregor out loking at polar bears in Canada. Then right afterward, ‘Masterpiece Theater’ showed the BBC-made Henry VIII movie with Sean Baby in it! Best night of telly I’ve seen in like 10 years. Anyhoo…Golden Globes are tonight, I’ll be sure to be back here with my outrage and/or smug gloating tomorrow. :) Hope everyone enjoys their day off today.

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  1. Haley Says:

    sorry for being a shithead…I had a huge migraine, light and sound made me want to kill…kill I tell ya. but I am better now..but w/out the bbm experience :(

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