Two Daves for the Price of One

First of all, today is the birthday of my goodest bud, Dave! (aka Whistler) Those of you who know the lyrics to “Happy Birthday” by Weird Al, please sing it now. Those of you who do not know the lyrics, REPENT YE UNBEILEVERS! There is still time to accept the lord Weird Al into your heart as your personal savior.

Um, anyway, a very happy 32 to you, my bosom chum. *huhhuh..bosom..*

Second, today was also the day the tickets for the Pittsburgh David Bowie show went on sale. I was all bound and determined to shell out whatever money necessary to get excellent seats. There were two pricing levels, and I was gonna pay the higher level. Well. It turns out that due to the venue, practically the WHOLE PLACE falls into the higher pricing level! So you’re paying the higher price, but not necessarily getting any perks.

Then I found out that yesterday, there was a pre-sale! (Thanks, Marci) Unfortunately, by the time poor Marci and I found out about it, it was over! So today at 9:00am on the dot, I pounced on the phone. Busy. I had the online order form running simultaneously, though. But this venue doesn’t normally do rock concerts, so their system wasn’t prepared to handle the volume of traffic. It took me 10 precious minutes to get through. The result: the middle of first tier balcony-level seats. *sigh*

I feel like Charlie Brown on Halloween.
“Hey, what’d you get?”
“I got 3rd row orchestra! What’d you get, Charlie Brown?”
“I got a rock.”

2 Responses to “Two Daves for the Price of One”

  1. whistler Says:

    middle of the first tier? YUCK!!! He won’t be able to sweat on you.

    Thanks for the good wishes.. I’m offically old!

  2. Marci Says:

    Bowie doesn’t sweat – he *glistens*.

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