Howdy, Pardner!

Well, well…at long last Brokeback Mountain has dragged itself kicking and screaming to Pittsburgh.

Sheesh. (And yes, I have a big group outing to the movie planned to coincide with Sunday’s Steeltards game. Heh. Take THAT, redneck hegemony!)

Anyway, the ridiculous wait we had for BBM puts me in mind of a great bit of dialog from the movie Sullivan’s Travels (1941). In it, Joel McRea plays Sullivan, a famous director of light, fluffy comedies. Sullivan decides he’s tired of fluff, and wants to make a Big Important Social Issues Drama. The studio execs try to talk him out of it. Sullivan insists and mentions a recent Big Serious Film that he wants to emulate; the studio guys inform him that that movie “died in Pittsburgh”, then they have the following exchange:

Execs: It died in Pittsburgh.
Sullivan: Aww, whadda they know in Pittsburgh?!
Execs: They know what they like!
Sullivan: If they knew what they liked, they wouldn’t live in Pittsburgh!

Preach it, brother Sullivan.

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