In conclusion…

Following up on yesterday’s post.

Serha’s comment about Columbus got me to thinking: I guess this proves beyond a doubt that Richard Florida was right. Your city’s level of gayness really DOES have a profound impact on your quality of life!

Just to be sure I looked up the Gay Index rankings. (The lower the number, the more gay-accepting a city is.) As of 2002, Columbus was rated an impressive 24! Milwaukee, 128.

Pittsburgh….210. The only city in the top 50 that was less gay was Buffalo. How utterly dismal.

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  1. Haley Says:

    OMFG, I never knew how much we were doomed in Pittsburgh until now!!! Special Announcement, if you are gay and looking for a place to move to, move to Pittsburgh. Please, HELP US!!!!! I’ll pay you!

  2. LOUP Says:

    See .. Hampton Roads ain’t lookin’ so bad after all!

  3. whistler Says:

    It’s playing at a theater about 40 minutes from here.

  4. sford Says:

    Hey, Indy got a 42. Who knew?

  5. Haley Says:


  6. tarsier Says:

    Yup, heard about the Utah debacle. I bet in PGH the sign will read:
    “Brokeback Mountain canceled due to football.”


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