Pass the Puck

Should be another interesting day here in the tarsier jungle.

On a whim, I entered a drawing at work for free tickets to tonight’s Pens vs. Toronto Maple LeaVES game, and wouldn’t ya know, I won. (Highly typical that I won something I didn’t really want.) Anyway, since I hate hockey I quickly gave the tix over to my bud Whistler The Big Honkin’ Hockey Freak.

He’ll be motoring in from Reading,PA this afternoon. We’re all gonna go out for Indian food *happy dance*, then he and Boy Wonder will go to the game. I’ll enjoy a solo chick night at home with a tasty beverage and a new Donal Logue movie to watch. Everybody wins! Bless you, NetFlix!

2 Responses to “Pass the Puck”

  1. whistler Says:

    a good time was had by all!! Thank you and thank you to your luck!!

  2. whistler Says:

    and the cookie bag was yummmy! The baklava rocked!!!

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