One Wedding and a Class Reunion

Back from the wedding, and my goodness, it was painful! I did have a great surprise in the middle of the reception, but first a quick review of the nuptuals.

Boy Wonder and Mike The Groom

Overall: ** out of *****
There were no surprises to be found in this by-the-numbers example of the genre. Lead actors had potential, but were hampered by a weak script and slow pacing. A lack of attention to production values (or perhaps just a low budget?) was clearly evidenced by the virtually non-existant art direction, unattractive set, and downright bad soundtrack. Unappealing supporting cast was topped off by the by-now-cliched “screaming brat ring bearer” character. A director with more vision might have been able to make something fresh out of this tired material, but that was not the case with this production.

Anyway, on to the reception. Music was lame, Mike the Groom got to torture all the guests by making his entrance to a Julian Cope song, the food tasted good, and I got a baggie of free cookies. BUT, the surprise was: I ran into my old friend Robert L. who I hadn’t seen since graduating high school! Turns out he’s related to Mike the Groom somehow.

This was a really cool thing for me. Robert and I have known each other since Kindergarten at Saint Vitus School. We were in practically every class together (hey, it was a small school), and we hung out at recess pretty much every day for eight years, talking, gossiping, laughing our butts off, and doing silly stuff. When we both escaped the world of Catholic school, we remained friends through high school and worked together at the public library. And of course, we ended up seated next to each other at graduation, so it’s all like, cosmic or something.

Going to different colleges, life intervenes and inevitably people slip away. But in rare cases like last night, you run into a person with whom you can sit right down and jump into a conversation as if no time has elapsed. Cool enough that I will make a serious effort to stay in touch this time. Here’s to shared memories!

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  1. whistler Says:

    way cool!! I think I remember you mentioning him before…

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