Christmas with Cusack

Saturday at the multi-plex I got the bestest Christmas present ever: a smart, funny, completely adult movie featuring John Cusack in a black suit and trenchcoat, and comedy that was blacker still. It’s called Ice Harvest, and in a fall of some damn fine movies, I think it’s the best one I’ve seen. It’s certainly the one I enjoyed the most.

Ice Harvest is a comedy film-noir about sleaze, strippers, crime, violence, regrets, booze, death, and oh yeah…Christmas. I think in one viewing it instantly became my favorite holiday movie. It is the Anti-”Miracle on 34th Street.”

Johnny C plays a mob lawyer embezzling from the boss. Billy Bob Thorton plays his sleazy co-conspirator. As in “Pushing Tin”, Cusack’s edgy intensity plays beautifully off of Billy Bob’s laconic assholery. Oliver Platt puts in a wonderful turn as Cusack’s drunken friend. Although his part wasn’t really necessary, I wouldn’t lose it because Ice Harvest is a caper movie much more about the people than the caper. As such, it would be pointless for me to even tell you about the plot. Essentially, bad goes to worse. Mistakes are made. Things keep getting uglier, and sicker, and FUNNIER. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much at a movie because I was supposed to.

In short, if Ice Harvest is playing in your town, drop whatever you’re doing and run, RUN, to the theater before it gets replaced by some schmaltzy famblee-friendly crap! You will thank me for it. This holiday season, give the Gift of Cusack.

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