Today was my long train trip to Philthy. Never having been on a train ride in the US before, I’d been looking forward to it. BW dropped me off at the station early this morning. It’s a shame to see what train stations have been reduced to. I watch so many old movies that I still think of trains and train stations like they appear in “The Thin Man”…wood-panelled cars, vaulted-ceilinged stations, well-dressed ladies and gents buying tickets, etc. Pittsburgh once had a gorgeous train station. It’s still there, but it’s been turned into luxury condos. The new train station is right next door. It amounts to a small dim hallway with some seats in it.

I had seats in ‘business class.’ It was pretty great! Big wide leather seats, free drinks, and more legroom than you get in first class on a plane. And best of all, an outlet for my laptop. Oh yeah! And yeah…not a sprog in sight. -That- would never happen on a plane.

We stopped briefly in Harrisburg and I got out for a bit. Harrisburg has a real old-school station. Wrought-iron stair railings, a big central hall with pillars and beamed ceilings, and the wooden benches look original. I half expect to see Jimmy Cagney or Ginger Rogers or someone waiting there to catch their train.

We rolled into Philty right on time. The upper part of their station is nice, but the lower part where the trains actually are looks like the bottom bilges of a giant ship. Dark, rusty, big iron beams with the paint peeling off holding everything up.

Am now safely ensconced in my hotel, with wireless internet that work will be paying for, waiting for Whistler to show up. We’re gonna try dinner at a fancy Cuban place I’ve read about. More tomorrow, if I have time.

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  1. kta Says:

    Well, what do you know. You were in my neighborhood today….I’ve never been to the train station in Harrisburg but I have walked by it a time or two.
    Enjoy your evening….

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