Too Much to Do!

This weekend.

First, we decided to try out this product called “Renewal” on our downstairs floors. It’s made to refinish floors like ours that are scratched and scuffed, but not too badly. No sanding or heavy machinery required, just a lot of chemicals, mopping, and scrubbing. Eevn still, it was really hard. We had to move all the furniture out of the living room and dining room, which was a nightmare in itself. Did that Friday. Then spent ALL DAY Saturday applying the chemicals that eat off the old finish, rinsing, repeating, ad nauseum, then spreading on the new finish. It was not pleasant. Then today we have to try to move some furniture back. *cries*

I’ll post some before/after pics later in the week. I can’t do it sooner, because I leave for Philthadelphia early tomorrow morning. I’ll be there 3 days for work. I -hate- it when our meeting is in Philthy! Such an enormous pain in the ass.

So today I have to do laundry, pack, make some meals up for BW, move furniture, and um….have my head explode. I think that oughta cover it. See you all on Thursday!

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