Whatever happened to school?

Does someone want to tell me why Crack Monkey is not only home screaming in his backyard at 1pm on a weekday, but has a little screaming companion with him?

He goes to Catholic school. Is today a freaking Holy Day, or something? I went to Catholic school too, and WE had to go to school on Holy Days. That way they made sure they got us into church.

EDIT: I just checked, and today is -not- a Holy Day of Obligation. So, no reason for CM to be home except purely to get on my nerves.
Although I learned that, among others, today is the feast day of St. John of Ratzeburg. Wasn’t that Cliff Claven on “Cheers”? Says he was martyred by the “local pagans” in Germany. W00t! Score one for Odin’s team!

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  1. kta Says:

    lol – you need to go get a pic of him skippin’ school! The little heathen! ;-)
    I went to a Catholic School too…for awhile, until they got sick of me!

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