Mmm, pudding

Today we are exactly one month away from the US premiere of Brokeback Mountain, which is my most-anticipated movie of the fall season.

In case you’ve been living in a cave, BBM is the new movie by Ang Lee about two cowboys who fall in love in Wyoming in the 60′s, and the hardship it creates in their lives. It has been getting rave reviews at all of its foreign premieres, and has won top prize at Venice Film Fest. I’m psyched about it because, well, I love Good Movies, and this promises to be one. It was based on a powerful and moving story, by a great writer (Annie Proulx). It’s been adapted for the screen by another good writer (Larry McMurty.) It has an awesome director who respects the material. And it has cute stars (Heath Ledger and Jake Gllynen..whatever). They’re even saying that Heath’s performance is Oscar-worthy. That, I gotta see….I never thought he could act! ;) Also, from a socio-political stanpoint, this movie is supposed to break new ground as far as depicting gay relationships on screen for a mass audience. About time, I say.

BUT, just because I can appreciate that BBM will be Serious Art, doesn’t mean I can’t ALSO appreciate the humor from the “South Park” angle. You guys remember the episode where Cartman says that all independent movies are about “gay cowboys eating pudding!” I just love the irony that somebody really DID go and make an independent movie, about gay cowboys (though I don’t think they’re gonna be eating any pudding, but you never know.) It’s too funny!

Anyhoo, here’s my little one-month-to-go tribute to Brokeback Mountain. Enjoy.
gay cowboys

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  1. LOUP Says:

    that is awesome!

    I love it!!

    Go see Jarhead .. it is worth the afternoon in a theater.

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