Rather Boring Weekend

We took Cheri out for birthday dinner on Friday to the Sharp Edge, a pretty famous local bar that none of us had been to before. We were all really impressed with the huge imported beer selection AND the food, which was way better than you’d expect from a bar.

Saturday and Sunday we didn’t do much of anything, though we did hunker down and get about half of our Xmess shopping done online. I’m so happy about that; we got every damn sprog on our list done, without going to a single store! Now we just have the real people left to shop for, and I don’t mind that.

Today is BW’s and my anniversary, so Yay Us, I guess. We aren’t really doing anything for it. I’m not a normal woman (no, really?) in that I don’t particularly care about my wedding anniversary. I’m not anti-marriage, but I just don’t think that marriage is necessary or even important to having a happy relationship. I freely admit, I did it for the legal benefits. Other than that, my relationship with BW was no different on Nov. 7, 1998 than it was on Nov.6, 1998. And I think that’s as it should be. People put too much baggage and expectations onto the word “marriage.” If you have a good relationship, marriage won’t hurt it. If you have a bad relationship, marriage will not fix it. It’s all on you and your partner, not a piece of paper and some spoken words, and a big ugly cake.

There’s my unexpected sermon of the day. Have a good week, people.

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  1. kta Says:

    Seems to be a lot of anniversaries going on this month. If my first hubby and I were still married, our 15th wedding anniversary would be this Thursday…but that doesn’t count anymore! lol – we’ve been divorced for I can’t even remember how many years. I know, I’m sure you don’t care about any of this….just sharing! LOL – I’ll shut up and leave now! ;-)

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