Oh, I so hope this is true

Yeah, I’ve been reading the gossip rags again…can’t help it, it’s fun! Anyway, stumbled across this article about the “Miami Vice” big-screen remake *spit!* I hope every word is true! You know, I have nothing against Michael Mann, in fact, I love the guy’s work, I’m eternally grateful to him for creating MV in the first place, and the fact that he is directing is the only saving grace of this project. BUT..

I want this movie to fail so bad. The idea of a movie version of Vice…with the cast that they have…oh, they need to burn in hell for it. Here’s the article. My comments are in italics.



THE long-awaited movie version of “Miami Vice” is threatening to turn
into a big disaster for Universal, with the picture far behind schedule
and way over budget, insiders say.

Long-awaited?!? By WHOM?? I’ll tell you what I’ve long-awaited: a real Vice reunion tv-movie with the REAL stars. But I promise that NO ONE has been awaiting seeing a greased-up Colin Farrell playing Crockett!

Sources tell PAGE SIX the screen version of the popular ’80s TV series
that starred Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas is mired in
production difficulties including:

* The movie was supposed to shoot for three months, but is now six
months over schedule – with no end in sight.

* According to a well-informed source, “Miami Vice” was “greenlit at
$120 million, but the budget has been blown and it is now costing
upwards of $180 million. And they aren’t even done yet. It will likely
be a $200 million tab by the end of shooting.”

What is there to spend money on? There are no effects in Vice. Why the budget bloat? Is all the money going to keep Colin stocked with booze and hookers?

* Adding to the budget problems, filming has to be moved from Miami to
Peru because of Hurricane Wilma damage.

* The script is “not good,” according to several people who have read
it. “This will bomb,” said one.

NOOOOOoooooooo!! You don’t say! I’m shocked. *Shocked* to hear that, I tell ya!

* Stars Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell have become slightly bloated, with
Farrell sporting “beer boobs” due to their constant partying in Miami.
Farrell, in particular, has been carousing at almost every hotel bar
and club in town, at times drinking VOX vodka straight from the bottle.

HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! 50-something Don Johnson is probably in better shape than Colin at this point. Hell, *Phillip Michael Thomas* probably is!!

* Farrell is “having a hard time with director Michael Mann,” said
another insider. “Michael [who also directed the TV series] is a
perfectionist and will do a shot over and over and over. Jamie worked
with him on ‘Collateral’ and was used to how he works, but Colin has
been very frustrated.”

Awwww, it’s soooo haaaarrrrrrd to act for a good director. Waahhhhhhh! How come all of those lowly tv-actors did it just fine for 5 years, but big H’wood movie star boy can’t hack it? Heh. Pussy.

Some insiders at Universal – which has had a rough year with releases
like “Cinderella Man” bombing at the box office – blame the studio’s
former co-presidents of production, Mary Parent and Scott Stuber, for
greenlighting the “Miami Vice” movie in the first place.

*snork* That made-for-tv reunion movie must be looking pretty good right now, huh, idiots at Universal? Told ya so.

A rep for the studio said he’d get back to us on our story but didn’t.

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