Stuffed Full of Goodness

I’ve said many times that stuffed grape leaves/dolmades/whatever-your-ethnicity-may-call-them are one of those foods I could seriously eat every single day, and be a very happy Foodie. Whether they’re of Greek/Syrian/Lebanese/other origin makes no difference to me. I’ve only had bad grape leaves once in my life (“Mr. Greek” restaurant chain in Toronto. Stay away, stay FAR away!), and there’s one local place that makes just-so-so ones (“AliBaba”, Craig St.) but overall, it’s damn hard to go wrong with dolmades.

But my new favorite are from Stamooli Brothers store in the Strip District! Not only are they good, but CHEAP as all get-out! Check it:

That’s $5 for 25 pieces! In most restaurants, $5 will get you 8 grape leaves. At Stamooli’s prices, I actually could eat them every day. They also make a pretty decent tabouli salad, and some good (and also cheap at $1 a piece) spinach pies. If you live in Pittsburgh, like Mediterranean food, and are cheap, get thee to Stamooli Brothers store! See you there.

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