Medieval Mania!


Browsing through the movie mags and the trailers on, I’ve found that there are a buttload of medieval and/or ancient historical movies coming out this year, and I’m psyched! As a film buff AND a practicing wanna-be medieval historian, 2004 will be geek heaven for me. I loooove medieval movies. Even though most of the time filmmakers get it all wrong, nitpicking the historical flaws is all part of the fun. And when they get it right, there’s nothing cooler (until somebody invents cheap time-travel) !

First, we have The Reckoning, a medieval mystery with Willem “Kicks All Acting Ass Known to Man” Dafoe coming out in March. Then there’s Troy, which granted, isn’t medieval but it’s still got swords and junk, and most important: SEAN BEAN, baby!! (And, um, Brad Pitt and some other insignificant people too.) My boy Sean will be playing Odysseus, and advance publicity for the film shows him looking tasty as usual.

In July comes King Arthur, which to me is the biggest deal of the year. This is not gonna be Excalibur, or First Knight, or anything cheesy like that. Instead, this will be the very first movie to try to tackle the “historical” King Arthur story, placing Arthur into the real-world setting that various scholars think his legend originated from. (Curious? Try reading anything by Geoffrey Ashe if you want to know more.) If you couldn’t tell, the whole Arthur story and it’s history is one of my Major Life Obsessions, so I hope this movie rocks! I have my doubts about the choice of director, but the trailer damn near made me pee my pants, so maybe there’s hope.

And here I’d thought that with no more LOTR films coming out, I wouldn’t have anything to get all geeked-up about. Ha! The rest of y’all can go enjoy your “lives”; if you need me I’ll be in the ticket line.

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