Weekend Update

Yesterday, we got back from a visit to my friend Dave (whom regular readers of this blog may know as Whistler) and his wife Stacy. They’re expecting a sprog in March, and I wanted to get in a final visit before reality as we know it alters forever. We also went to help do some cooking and to deliver gifts for their baby shower.

Thanks to the weather, the drive out to Reading, PA was harrowing. (When you can’t decide if your drive reminds you more of Frodo’s journey through Mordor or Apocalypse Now, you know it’s bad.) But everything else was swell!

We were treated to a tasty dinner on Friday, followed by de-stressing and vegging. Saturday Stacy and I worked on the baby shower food while Boy Wonder helped Dave to set up his new iMac. Then there was shopping, dinner, games, and more vegging. Very pleasant all around. {gratuitous Donal Logue mention} As an added treat, we watched lots of Donal Logue on telly. W00t!! {/gratuitous Donal Logue mention} Thanks for a nice visit, you guys.

Interested parties can see pics of the trip here.

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  1. whistler Says:

    Had a very relaxing time. Thank you for the cool birthday tea and of course the pictures. Always an enjoyable time when we get together.

    And don’t forget to eat healthy you can use lots of PEPPER!!

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