Ode to My Little Blue Friend

No, I don’t mean Viagra.

I’m talking about Ibsen the iMac. Ibsen was one of the very first iMacs, with the adorable gumdrop shape and the beautiful Bondi blue coloring. He’s five years old now, and still works as good as new. But progress rolls on, crushing good older things in its path, and Boy Wonder felt that it was time for us to get a new computer for home. I’m gonna miss my little blue friend…

Those first iMacs were so special. They were the first (and last, IMO) computers to ever be visually appealing. We’d always had computers before, but to me they were never more than a piece of machinery, and I’d never really taken an interest in the buying process. But I remember the day Ibsen arrived, how exciting it was, how I looked forward to getting the box open, how damn lovable that machine was at first sight!

Now he has to go, and nobody makes loveable computers any more. Apple abandoned its innovative use of color and has made Boring-Ass White the rule of the day. I should have known they’d gone over to evil when they changed the Apple logo from happy rainbow hues to Boring-Ass White as well. Bunch of totalitarians!

Our new computer is one of the new iMacs, and looking at it, I just see a piece of machinery. There’s no charm nor character. I don’t feel any desire to use it. And it’s stupid looking. It looks like a hard boiled egg with a toothpick stuck into it. Unappetizing.

We’re supposed to give Ibsen to my mother. At least I know he won’t be going into a landfill someplace, but I still wish there was some way to keep him. I’d gladly hand over my soulless iBook (in Boring-Ass White!) instead, if I didn’t need it for my stupid job. Maybe I can visit Ibsen. All I know is, I’m gonna cry the day he leaves this house.

Progress sucks. *sniffle*

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  1. whistler Says:

    I’ll carry on the legacy for you…. :)

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