Dear Mr. Gable,

Oh dammit!! I was checking around online to see if there were any good Golden Age movie star birthdays coming up (so I could blog about them), and I found out that Clark Gable’s birthday was Feb.1! I totally missed it!

There’s no way I could write anything meaningful about Gable now, on such short notice. Even with a month lead time, I don’t know what I could have written. What can you write about Clark Gable? It’s like trying to pen a pithy essay on Truth, or Infinity, or the dimensions of the universe; the subject is just too staggeringly enormous for my puny mind to fully grasp.

Since words do no justice, I think it would be best to just
go and gaze upon this for a while.

While gazing, chant a suitable mantra, let your mind drift. Soon you will acheive inner well-being.

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