Why, why, why?

There’s something odd about the Crack Family that is such a subtle, insidious little thing that I’ve only recently begun to notice it, but now that I have, it really bothers me.

They never GO anywhere.

I mean for a vacation.


No long week-or-two vacations, but ok, not everyone can afford those. But they don’t go away even for long weekends! They are ALWAYS here! All the damn TIME.

Here it is, Labor Day, long weekend, beautiful weather. Why are they here?? Why? We have several lovely parks within a 2-hour drive of here; why not take at LEAST a nice day-trip, pack up Crack Monkey’s bicycle and go? He’s at that age where he’s supposed to be being dragged around on boring-ass Family Vacations. Why aren’t they doing it??

No wonder I’m insane, I never get a break.

One Response to “Why, why, why?”

  1. kta Says:

    I’ve got to say it again…the crack monkey stories are GREAT!! lol
    I don’t know if you intend them to be funny or if you’re stuck in a living hell residing next to this kid but it’s very funny!!!
    There must be some reason crack monkey is in your life….I don’t know what on earth that may be but there’s got to be a reason! lol

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