What to Buy With Your Tax Refund

Soon, people across the U.S. will be filing their income taxes. Some lucky few will be getting a hefty rebate courtesy of Dubya and friends. Are you a parent with one or more small children whom our government rewards with tax credits, refunds, and perks out the wazoo? Perhaps you are the CEO of a vast corporation and the Republicans are handing you tax incentives hand over fist?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you are probably asking yourself, “Self, I don’t deserve these tax breaks. I’m just a worthless breeder/corporate whore leeching from society. What can I do to give something back to the truly deserving???”

Well here’s your answer…

Yes, now you can give something back to those few noble citizens whose pocketbooks are raped every tax year so that you breeders and rich people can have your benefits: namely, the Childfree Working Adult.

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One Response to “What to Buy With Your Tax Refund”

  1. whistler Says:

    One reason why I’m glad that we’re having a kid is that the amount I friggen owe the IRS is gonna go down.

    Every year since I’ve been married we’ve owed the IRS.

    Married, with no kids, and Renting makes for no tax breaks. You get raped by Uncle Sam.

    Thank you Uncle Sam, can I have another please?

    *note, 2003 will be a tad better since we bought the house, but we’ll still owe..* GRRRR.

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