Get Outta Heeerrre!

There’s a potentially-nice looking building of condos going up in one of the neighborhoods that BW and I would ideally like to live in if we ever get to move out of Suburban Crack Monkey Land. They’re supposed to be open next fall. Last time we drove by, I remembered to take down the call-for-more-info number. I call, and some real estate guy says he’ll send me a sales packet with all the details. Ok.

The sales packet arrives in yesterday’s mail.

Oh my friggin gawd!

The cheapest unit in the place is $370,000 for 1200 sq. feet!!! To live in PITTSBURGH?!
I can get a condo in DOWNTOWN TORONTO for HALF that! I know, I’ve looked. (And that’s $200k -Canadian-!)

DOWNTOWN TORONTO: a big vibrant, exciting, multicultural city where people would genuinely WANT to live.
PITTSBURGH: a dead rust-belt town that people flee like rats from a sinking ship first chance they get.

Who the hell do these people think they are?!

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  1. kta Says:

    That is ridiculous! The cost of living, in general, is enough to make me sick!!

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