On My List

Time to talk about my latest waste of time and energy: fanlistings.

I used to hate fanlistings, but that was because I didn’t understand what they were. I’d be searching the net for sites with content, finding fanlisting sites instead, and getting pissed off. But fanlistings aren’t about content. Now I know that the whole point (IMO) of fanlisting sites is just so you can go and grab those adorable little buttons to decorate your own website with! It’s just the internet version of going out and buying a pin or sticker that announces your fandom of whatever or whoever. And we all know how addicted I am to THAT. The net version is just as addictive, as my ever-growing list of fanlinks in my “Randomness” category off to the left will attest. I just can’t stop!

And now I’m getting into the act myself. I was browsing thefanlistings.org, looking for a fanlist for my guy, Lord Wellington. Well, there wasn’t one, so I started to research how to create one. It’s a more involved process than you’d think! Because there are SO MANY fanlistings these days, it’s important to keep them all organized and make sure that there aren’t a dozen people out there running fanlistings for the same thing. That’s where thefanlistings.org comes in. They’re a central clearnighouse for all fanlistings, and your list isn’t really legit unless you go through them. I had to actually -apply- to create a Wellington fanlist! I didn’t think I’d get approved, since I have no experience, but I did. So, coming soon to this server will be the Approved fanlist for the Duke of Wellington. I’ll post an announcement when it’s finished. I hope someone out there will join. :)

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