Weekend Wrapup

Had a very nice weekend, mostly at home.

Saturday morning, we busted our butts cleaning up the yard and trimming back the hedges. Everyone should come over and look, because our yard is never gonna look this nice again for probably another year.

Later that day, Cheri, Jimmy, and Tim the Enchanter came by for a cook-out. Followed up by an ‘The Artistry of Michael Mann’ movie night. We watched a whole bunch of Miami Vice, followed by the 1980′s classic flick “Manhunter.” I just love that movie. Brian Cox was so much better as Lector than A. Hopkins. I’m still deeply offended that somebody felt they had to remake Manhunter as that recent crap-fest, Red Dragon. Philistines!

Best comment of the night came from Tim, who, after watching a mere 10 minutes of Vice, turned to us and said, “Why do TV shows today suck?” :) Why, indeed.

Sunday, BW started fiddling with the front stoop, but had to quit because it got too hot out.

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