Desks of the Damned

Whistler and I, being nosey bastards, thought it would be fun to sneak photos of our co-workers hideous desks, then mock them on the internet. Well, I only have one co-worker, my boss, but his desk is messy enough for three or four people. (As an aside, I’ve observed in my career that librarians [present company excepted] have THE messiest, most gawd-awfully cluttered desks I’ve ever seen. I find this ironic, considering they get paid to organize things for a living.)

Anyway, here’s my submission. This desk looks the way offices look on tv crime dramas, when they want it to look like someone has “trashed the place”. I’ve labelled the things I recognize. It’s anybody’s guess what the rest of that crap is.

1. Free coffee mug accepted as bribe from vendor
2. Framed photo of homely wife
3. “Cheryl, where’s the phone book??”
4. Subscription to professional journal, so he can keep getting reimbursed trips to those meetings

5. Other people’s business cards
6. Free piece-of-crap University-provided computer. ‘Dude, we’re going to Hell!!!”
7. Free piece-of-crap speaker. Used for torturing office-mate with the sounds of live streaming National Public Radio.
8. Extremely high dental bill. His kid must need a lot of fixin’.
9. “Cheryl, have you seen the stapler?!?”
10. Paperwork from son’s school where Boss serves on the Parent’s Board and spends hours of work time on the phone conducting school-related conference calls. But I’d never tell.

11. Stress-relief ball.
12. Mysterious blue fuzzy thing. Seriously, no idea what it is.
13. Long-dead plant.
14. When you make as many conference calls as Boss, one phone just isn’t good enough! When he’s in the office, he sets his cell phone next to them on a little stand too!!
15. Canned high-pressure air for dusting around the computer. Because a tidy workspace is very important.

3 Responses to “Desks of the Damned”

  1. kta Says:

    I work in a state law bureau, I would probably be shot if I posted their desks on the internet. I may just try though! They are the worst desks I have ever seen!

  2. whistler Says:

    daaaang. nice pics.. you’re on. I’ll have my up later tonight..

  3. LOUP Says:

    I don’t have a coworker but I can take a pic of LKs desk

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