Hot! In a Bad Way.

Such was my weekend. Sweltery, sticky, sweaty, nasty. Can’t sleep because it’s too hot. Turn on the AC, then can’t sleep because it sounds like someone is idling a tractor in my bedroom. And the humidity makes my face break out like a 13-yr olds. Blargh.

We had plans to finally fix up our ugly, crumbling front steps, and we even went out to Despot and got all of our supplies. But the weather made it impossible (again.) No way was I sending BW out in 90+ temps with 175% humidty to do manual labor. Maybe we’ll get it done in October. He still insisted on painting our basement stairwell, though. At least it was slightly less hot down there.

Otherwise, there wasn’t much else to do but sit around and try not to sweat too much and watch DVDs. We watched a whole bunch of Miami Vice, and Identity. Mmm, Cusack. I’d forgotten that my favorite thing about that movie was: it was the CHILD who was the Evil One! Heh. So true-to-life. I love it. Also watched a 1970′s performance of Macbeth starring Ian McKellan. It was really amazing! The cast was outstanding. Judi Dench, and to my great delight…Ian “The Emporer” McDiarmid!!! So cool to see him rocking in something besides SW. Ian McKellan was quite lovely to look at back in the day, I must add. I would buy this DVD, except they didn’t make any attempt to fix up the picture quality, so it still looked like British television from 1976. A bloody shame.

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