Only Good Neighbors Move

You all know that my house is flanked on one side by The Crack House, and the Frat House on the other.

Behind me, there’s an older lady named Ann who I’ve seen maybe twice and who’s never said a word to me. That’s cool with me. Behind her lives another older lady named Carol, and her two terriers. Carol is really cool. I don’t know if she knows our names, but she knows the names of all the neighborhood animals, what they look like, and who they belong to. She’s never been to my house, but she’s seen our cats in the windows and knows them just from that. Once when there was a cat that sorta resembled Gandalf roaming outside, she came and asked me to check if my cat had gotten out! She’s returned the Crack Family’s dog to them on occasions when she’s jumped the fence. I always felt a little more secure and reassured with Carol in the neighborhood. I knew that if gawds forbid, my cats got loose, there would at least be one person who would help them .

But about a week ago, a For Sale sign cropped up in Carol’s yard! Waaaahhhhhhhhhhh! Of all the people, why does she have to go, while Crack Monkey will probably still be here living in his parents’ basement when he’s 36?!? I think the Universe is being a little unnecessarily cruel with that one.

One Response to “Only Good Neighbors Move”

  1. LOUP Says:

    That sucks!

    I am glad to know that there are other neighbors out there like me though. I couldn’t tell you the names of any of the people I’ve lived next door to over the years but I remember their critters. = )

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