Loup Steps Up to the Mic

And asks me these interview questions. I’ll try not to jump around on the couch and act like a mental case.

1. ) What do you think of podcasting? Would you ever create your own?

Podcasting is all well and good, but I personally would rather read than listen, so I hope they don’t replace blogs completely. I don’t think I’d ever do one, for a couple reasons. Speaking is FAR from my strongpoint, I hate the sound of my own voice, and my list of stupid internet things-to-do is MILES long already, I really don’t need to be adding new projects to it. :)

2. ) You are such a foodie. = ) Describe your perfect meal.

Why thank you! Hmm. You know, for all I love fancy restaurants and exotic ingredients and hoity-toity fusion cuisine, my perfect meal would be fairly simple. It would just be a combination of all my favorite foods in one meal. So it would be like a buffet full of Indian and Mediterranean dishes. On the buffet would be samosas, stuffed grape leaves, tabouli salad, nan bread, veggie korma, baba ghanoush, lamb vindaloo, etc. For dessert, we’d have a choice of Ben n Jerry’s flavors.

My perfect meal that I could really get in a restaurant is: take me to Toronto, and order me anything off of Fred’s Not Here’s menu.

3. ) Of your aliases which do you prefer and why?

Yeah, you can tell I’ve been on the net too long because aliases grow around me like tree rings. To date I’ve had Vicious, Necromancer, Aela, NecromancerElf (on ichat), and Fred. All of them but Fred are gaming-related. Aela, Necromancer, and NecromancerElf are all synonyms for one favorite D&D character. Vicious is because I played Sid Vicious as a character in Vampire:The Masquerade. Whistler named me Fred when I was 14. You’d have to ask him why, coz I still don’t know.

Lately I’ve been trying to consolidate and just use Aela as much as possible. It’s unique and never already registered by someone else. But my favorite has gotta be Necromancer. It’s just straight-up evil and cool-sounding, and was my name for years on the ISCA BBS…and I have a lot of fond memories of ISCA and the friends I met there. Also, after I registered the name, SO many others tried to use it but couldn’t. They’d have to come up with lame-o alternates like ‘NeCrOmAnCeR’, ‘necromncr’, and I would just sit back and laugh smugly at them. Yeah, Necromancer, those were the days!

4.) When we come up to PGH you are gonna be in charge of the visit .. where are we going?

Hoo-boy, so many options! I know that for sure we will:

— go to Carson St. to eat at Old Europe, and browse the funky shops and go to the spiffy new bookstore
— go to Shadyside and eat at Girasole, then visit the Kawaii Japanese Gift shop, the Apple store, and the fabulous vintage clothes place.

Apart from that, there’s a lot to pick from. We could be foodies and shop the strip district and Whole Foods. I could take you on a QAF Pittsburgh Reality Tour. We could go to Ikea, since you don’t have one near you. Hike through my favorite park, visit museums, throw rocks at Crack Monkey, the sky’s the limit!

5.) Who is your dream cast for the upcoming flick about Narnia?

Time for a confession. I have never read The Chronicles of Narnia. Ever.

As a kid, I just never got around to it. (Too busy reading Dragonlance, I guess.) As an adult, I’d heard that it had major Xtian subtext, and that made me not want to read it. So I don’t know the first thing about it, other than that is has a big lion in it.

That said, I think they should cast gary Oldman, Diego Luna, Sean Bean, Jeremy Irons, and Kate Winslet! And get rid of the kid characters. :) That would be perfect.

2 Responses to “Loup Steps Up to the Mic”

  1. LOUP Says:

    I could have swore I posted to this already.

    1. fair enough .. if I start a show will you be a guest at least?
    2. sounds yummy .. what time is dinner?
    3. noted .. I’ll try to remember that.
    4. I can’t wait … it all sounds great. Wouldn’t you know it though, after you left I found like 10 ethnic restaurants, a sanrio store and a heap of cool stuff to do where we didn’t have to drive ALL DAY.
    5. I can totally see the xian thing … good cast though – hard to go wrong with that crew. = )

  2. whistler Says:

    Well done!!

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