A Little Cult’cha

Picture of yesterday

So it was sorta rainy yesterday and we decided to do indoor activities. We went to the Royal Ontario Museum and then the Art Gallery of Ontario. Both of them are in the middle of construction/expansion projects that are going to make them look really ugly when all is said and done. So a lot of the exhibits were closed, but there was still enough to fill up a day. At the ROM we saw a pretty cool exhibit on dinosaurs and birds, and how they’re related.

Anyway, since we were being all cultural n’ stuff, we decided we’d continue with the theme and do the Tim Horton ‘sandwich and a donut’ lunch combo. It really wasn’t that bad. The key is to think of the donut as a dessert, not a side dish. :) We had the maple-dipped, to make it even more Canadian.

Today’s plan was to go to the St. Lawrence Markets (aka Foodie Heaven) and stockpile quality cheeses and other goodness, but it’s pouring rain this a.m., so I dunno what we’ll end up doing. Try to wait it out, I guess. If worse comes to worse, I’ll just suck it up and trudge through the rain. It’s worth it for Alex Farm’s Cheese!

2 Responses to “A Little Cult’cha”

  1. LOUP Says:

    oh I love Tim’s!!

  2. whistler Says:

    just don’t ask them for iced coffee .

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