Another day, another pic

Picture of the day:

Yeah, we went to the Toronto Zoo today. Damn, was it huge! We must have walked 25 miles today in the sweltering Canadian heat. (Seriously, it got up to 95 today. So although the zoo was really, really nice, at times it felt a bit like the Bataan Death March.) I think it is the nicest zoo I’ve ever been to. Alas, no tarsiers there. But they had Arctic wolves….

They were SO beautiful! Best wolves I’ve ever seen in a zoo. They were in a big fenced-in area, so we couldn’t get any good pics. All you could see in the photos we took of them was fence. :( But they were awesome.

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  1. LOUP Says:

    I thought the Arctic wolf was Canis lupus arctos and the Canis lupus hudsonicus was the Hudson wolf? Ah well … still cool to see wolves. = )

    One of these days .. after the SW, after Graceland and after DC we will have to go up to the Algonquin to do the howling.

  2. whistler Says:

    Nice pic of the gatorish looking creature. Hope you’re staying out of trouble.

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