My Friend Feta

Picture of the day…

My lunch. On the right, stuffed grape leaves in a scrumptious sauce. On the left, “feta fries.” Thinly sliced potatoes, fried until light and crispy, topped with lovely feta cheese, then stuck under a broiler a bit until the cheese is all melty and the potato chips are even crispier and browner…..*drool*

Best thing about our lunch in Greektown today is that we shared it with a.s.c.f.’s own Rabbit, and her wacky husband Fred. Always great to see them! I think we all pretty much had appetizers for our lunch, so that was really cool. After lunch we parted ways and Rachel and I headed over to Chinatown and purchased much Sanrio goodness. Now we’re both beat, resting, and waiting for BW to get back. He and R are going to the Blue Jays games tonight. I think I’m gonna chill in the hotel hot tub or maybe road test some of my new LUSH swag. Till next time….

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