Good News…

and Bad News…

From our trip. The bad news is, last night at around 11:30, Rachel went into the bathroom in our suite and locked the door as just an unthinking reflex action, but the lock was broken and she got locked in and we couldn’t get her out! We had to call the front desk, and they had to call their maintenance guy to come in from home, and BW was trying to sleep because he had to be up at 7am for his conference, and she wasn’t freed until well after midnight!

The good news is, we’re getting free internet service because of it. ;)

The hotel was going to give us half off of our room rate for the night, but we told them we’d rather have free internet. (Hey, BW’s work is paying for the room…what do we care if it’s cheap?) They also sent up a very nice complimentary cheese and fruit tray, and an apologetic note from the smary night manager. Heh.

So I’ll be able to blog away. I’d wanted to do a “picture of the day” thing. Since I didn’t get to yesterday, here’s two images from our trip to make up for it.


Mmmm….giant E lords it over ‘Sam The Record Man’s’ store on Yonge St.

3 Responses to “Good News…”

  1. LOUP Says:

    Glad it turned out well.

    Mmmm Big E and Lush … looks like you are having fun.

  2. Marci Says:

    OK, Elvis = cool. Elvis sharing window with Marc Bolan = priceless.

  3. whistler Says:

    Indie Music.. Yea!!!

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