Countdown to Canada

On Saturday morning, BW and I leave for 6 days in beautiful Toronto, CAN! I am so stoked! Yeah, I was just there in Sept., but I dont’ care. For me it’s easier to get all psyched up about a trip to someplace I’ve been to (and liked), because you know what cool things you have to look forward to! I can’t wait to ditch the Burg and my lame-o job for a week.

This time, we’re going up so that BW can attend the Human Brain Mapping conference. So gas, hotel, and some food are paid for! Aw, yeah. To make things more fun, we’re bringing along my cousin Rachel, who is graduating school and turning 18 that week, so the trip is her present. She’s a CFer-in-training, a geek, and all-around cool grrl, so it’ll be nice for me to have some company on my wanderings.

The hotel has free wireless (w00t!) so I hope to blog from there, post some pics, and whathaveyou.

If anyone has any requests of stuff they want me to look for up there and bring back for you, let me know soon. Lush products? Liquor? Hockey-related trinkets? A government that doesn’t suck ass? I’ll try my best.

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