Thanks Be to LOUP

Books are good. FREE books kick ASS! :) And that’s what I got in the mail yesterday thanks to Loupy. Mary Stewart’s Merlin Trilogy is one of the few Arthurian novels I haven’t read, and I looked and looked and just couldn’t find it at any of the used book shops around here. I didn’t really want to shell out the money to buy it new, because I’ve been burned too many times before by King Arthur novels that just SUCK. Leave it to Loup to go to her local used book sale and find every single ONE of the three books in the trilogy for me, for like $1.50 total! W00t!!

Thankee girl! I apreciate it a lot…but….


..there was just one small problem….


…there was no ELVIS dvd in the box!!

*sobs uncontrollably*

S’ok, I’ll get it next time. ;)

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  1. LOUP Says:

    Hey girl … I swear I put Elvis in there. I think in one of the flaps so he wouldn’t crack. Also there were 4 books in the box — the Merlin things and one of her newer books that I found just before I mailed the box off.

    If Elvis isn’t there just let me know and I will mail off another one of him. = )

    LK said “Guess a PO employee is watching Elvis tonight” ha ha

  2. LOUP Says:

    ixnay on the last comment .. just got yer message!!

    = )

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